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Hauet, E. L. F. “Bataille D’Abou Kyr.” 1800?. French Manuscript

The text encoding of this French manuscript that dates back to Napoleon's expedition to Egypt was undertaken as part of the American University in Cairo's DH program series of pilot projects. The manuscript is written by the French military officer E. L. F. Hauet describing Napoleon's military campaign in Egypt. It is the first of four manuscripts that cover the Battles of Abu Kir (land, not sea), Heliopolis, the siege of Cairo, and the Desaix's march to Upper Egypt. The transcription of the original text and the text encoding have been prepared by Mark Muehlhaeusler and Abdel Aziz Galal.

Text encoding has been done using "Oxygen XMl editor" (XML Lite). Basic encoding, capturing lexical information only. All hyphenation, punctuation, and variant spellings have been retained. Formatting and layout information preserved to the maximum extent possible. Capitalization has been normalized to the standard of modern French. The spelling of geographic and personal…

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